How and Why?

I bet a million pages have been written on what happened on 9/11/2001.

Most are written by so-called 'conspiracy theorists', trying so hard to convince people that something is amiss about the official explanation of events that day. Of course, the self-proclaimed 'rational' people skip over these pages and brush it off as crazy, improbable theories. After all, that is what the government taught them to do. You know, that great paragon of truth- the federal government. Them folks who have been caught in their own lies a zillion times, usually with their own documents to prove it. But if they say [insert statement of your choice here], then it must be true this time, because they have been caught lying non-stop for about 225 years now, though they wouldn't this time......

So what happened to the old saying: 'sunlight is the best medicine'? Why are people so afraid of another view? Obviously, they are scared deep down that they may be wrong.

So please view the videos I have embedded here, and use the links and other info on this page to seek more information. 

Then decide for yourself if it's just a "theory".
What if it's not?............

If unsure, start with this 18 minute eye-opener:

Easily the best documentary on this subject:Loose Change, 3rd edition-

Another excellent film:911 Mysteries-

Film mentioned in previous doc., Painful Deceptions:

Also a very good film:911-In Plane Site, director's cut:

Incredible compilation- 2+ hours of eyewitness statements: all heard bombs-

Newest Documentary- lots of science and details about thermite etc.

The shortest yet most thought-provoking film of all is on this page: